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Cosmetic Dentistry Jonesboro AR

Beauty might be only skin-deep. However, it is given a lot of value in certain fields such as modeling, and acting. Since everyone is not born with the same level of perfection, enhancing the best features is one way to look stunning. One such feature in the body that can be enhanced to perfection is the smile. Perfect teeth and jaw line, can bring out an attractive smile in a person. Cosmetic dentistry is a field wherein the dentists deal with a variety of procedures to enhance an individual's smile.

Cosmetic dentists like, Dr. Michael Parkey and Dr. Craig Davis, are a couple of steps ahead of regular dentists. Cosmetic dentists must be familiar with dental implants, dentures, dental crowns, and dental bridges like regular dentists, however, unlike regular dentists, they also deal with porcelain veneers, teeth straightening, restorative dentistry, bonding techniques, teeth whitening, teeth bleaching both surgically and cosmetically. Patients can choose the kind of cosmetic treatment that interests them and consult the dentist.

Cosmetic dentists who deal with dentures and dental implants provide a permanent solution for those missing a few teeth. The price depends upon the materials used to make the implants, the laboratory used for the making of the implants, and the experience of the dentist. Most of the time, cosmetic dentists might charge a bit more than the regular dentists for these tasks. However, cosmetic dentists would be able to provide a better solution to this kind of problem in cases of multiple dental implants.

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Cosmetic dentists provide some excellent treatments for straightening crooked, uneven or askew teeth. Straightening the teeth in an adult is usually done with Invisalign Braces, an orthodontic method of treatment. This involves the patient's teeth being fit individually with brackets that are made of transparent material, unlike the traditional metal ones. A few months of wearing different sets of Invisalign Aligners would correct the teeth gradually providing a perfect position. However, a regular visit to the orthodontist is recommended while using these aligners to ensure perfect alignment. The other method for this is to use the porcelain veneers that are a much simpler method to straighten teeth and provide a perfect smile.

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Sharon O. wrote on July 9, 2019 1:51 pm

Have been using Dr. Parkey for years. Love the service and treatment I've received. I live an hour from his office in Jonesboro. Switched dentist for a year or two because it was closer to where I live. Came back because Parkey and Davis were best.

Mindy Shields wrote on July 10, 2019 8:19 pm

Awesome dental care! Jonesboro is Blessed to have Dr. Parkey and his wonderful staff!

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