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Gum Disease and Oral Health
The difference between healthy gums and gum disease.

Gum Disease and Oral Health

Did you know that periodontal disease affects more than half of America adults over the age of 30? The bad news is that this disease can result in tooth loss; the good news is that there are measures you can take to protect your oral health.

For most patients, gum disease creates an immediate impact on their gums and oral health. The early stages of gum disease can cause discomfort with eating or speaking. Eventually, if left unchecked by your dentist and hygienist, the gums may begin to recede around your teeth, leading to tooth loss.

Know the Early Warning Signs

Gum disease is tricky to diagnose on your own because there are very few symptoms and hardly any pain in the beginning.

Some early warning signs to look for are:

  • Bleeding gums while brushing and flossing
  • Halitosis or chronic bad breath that won't go away
  • Puffy, tender and reddened gums

Chronic Inflammation

Severe gum disease is a condition characterized by chronic inflammation. Diseased gums make your mouth a prime spot for developing dangerous bacteria. Some studies have shown a connection between gum disease and other inflammatory conditions such as heart, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.

An Excellent Home Care Routine

Your consistent brushing and flossing using the proper techniques your hygienist will go over with you helps keep plaque and bacteria from building up on your teeth. They will discuss the right products for your dental needs.

Consistent Visits to Your Dentist Every Six Months

Your routine checkups and cleanings are your best line of defense against gum disease because your dentist and hygienist can detect it early on. Each six-month examination includes gum measurements, which screen for gum disease. Early detection of this disease allows you to have the best opportunity to treat it with less invasive procedures.

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