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What happens at your first visit to your Jonesboro dentist

What happens at your first visit to your Jonesboro dentist

You have selected Parkey & Davis DDS as your new Jonesboro dentists. Learn what to expect during your new patient visit.

Parkey & Davis DDS want you to experience dentistry in a whole new way. This experienced team offers comfort, compassion and state of the art diagnostics and treatments during your first visit and all through your long-term relationship with these Jonesboro dentists.

What happens when you come through the door

The friendly staff at Parkey & Davis DDS warmly welcome both new and established patients as soon as they walk in the door. They understand your time is valuable, so they will take pertinent new patient information right away, and notify your hygienist of your arrival.

Next, your hygienist will escort you to a modern treatment room, settle you into a comfortable dental chair. Many patients take advantage of the relaxing amenities such as warm blankets and DVDs–perfect for cleaning or treatment times.

Your hygienist notes pertinent information on your health history, including current medications and health conditions and also past surgeries. She performs an initial oral exam and takes low-radiation digital x-rays for a complete view of teeth, roots and bone structure.

Comfortable tooth scaling follows. Professional cleaning eliminates biofilm, or plaque and tartar, that at-home brushing and flossing miss. Removing plaque and tartar wards off decay and gum disease–a major cause of tooth loss in American adults. Also, she flosses and polishes teeth with a special toothpaste for a bright and shiney finish.

Your Jonesboro dental office values patient education as well. Both your hygienist and dentist fully inform their patients on best at-home care and treatment details, too. Parkey & Davis DDS offer CAESY video education on many dental care topics.

What happens during an exam

Drs. MIchael Parkey and Craig Davis are masters of the gentle, but thorough, oral examination. New patient and 6-month routine check-ups include:

  • visual inspection and use of an intraoral camera to spot signs of decay and gum disease
  • periodontal probing to measure gum pockets and check for gum disease
  • a fast and comfortable check for oral cancer
  • a bite check and assessment of the jaw joints, lymph nodes and soft tissues of the mouth
  • inspection of existing dental work, including crowns, fillings and bridges

After the examination, the dentist in Jonesboro compiles a comprehensive treatment plan to include preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services as needed. He explains his findings and offers treatment choices. He addresses patient concerns such as tooth sensitivity or the overall appearance of teeth and gums. The entire team wants patients to feel free to ask questions about any aspect of their dental care.

A dental experience based on expert care and trust

The dentists at your Jonesboro area practice are committed to the finest materials, treatments and care for all patients. They pursue continuing education to ensure your smile looks, feels and functions exceptionally well.

Contact the team at Parkey & Davis DDS for more information and to set-up your first patient visit.

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