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Why you need to see your Jonesboro dentist

Why you need to see your Jonesboro dentist

Certain circumstances warrant a trip to your Jonesboro dentists, Parkey & Davis DDS. Learn what things should prompt a call for dental treatment.

Should you call your dentist, or shouldn't you? When it comes to preserving your oral and overall health, don't hesitate. If you have a question or concern about your teeth or gums, contact Jonesboro dentists, Dr. Michael C. Parkey and Dr. Craig. T. Davis, Jr. right away for an appointment. Prevention and careful, immediate treatment are at the heart of their dental practice.

5 reasons you need to see a dentist in Jonesboro now

  1. You need a routine examination and cleaning. Any good dentist will tell you that preventive dental services are the most valuable things he offers. Foundational to good oral health, hygienic cleanings and exams every 6 months keep smiles sparkling and healthy. If it’s been more than 6 months since you have been to the dentist, make an appointment now to avoid complex and expensive procedures down the road.
  2. You have a toothache, swollen jaw or tender gums. These symptoms may signal tooth decay, abscess or gum disease. Even simple sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink means a problem. Tooth decay progresses more quickly than people realize, seriously undermining tooth structure and leading to dental abscess, or infection. A swollen jaw may indicate infection, has spread to underlying bone, necessitating extraction or more involved treatments to get the jaw healthy again. Additionally, sore, bleeding gums are frequently periodontitis, a leading cause of tooth loss in American adults.
  3. You have an ongoing health problem. Conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and HIV put the entire body at risk, including teeth and gums. So, semi-annual check-ups (or as your dentist in Jonesboro advises) are critical to a healthy smile. Additionally, people undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or something as common as hormone replacement therapy need careful at-home hygiene and dental exams. Smokers must watch for spots, sores, color changes and swellings on the soft tissues of the mouth.
  4. You have dry mouth or bad breath. Dry mouth, or xerostomia, sets the stage for gum disease and tooth decay. Saliva is Nature’s own tooth washer and ph balancer. Some health conditions and medications lead to dry mouth. Also, persistent bad breath, or halitosis, signals gum disease and tooth abscess. Don’t ignore it, laugh it off or try to cover it with mouth wash.
  5. You hate your smile. You and thousands of other people dislike how their teeth look, even though their smiles may be perfectly healthy. Gaps, chips, odd spacing, a gummy smile–all these are good reasons to see Drs. Parkey and Davis for a cosmetic dentistry consult and a boost in self-confidence.

Be vigilant about oral health

Your smile deserves care and so do you. If you are concerned about anything that is going on in your mouth, don’t hesitate. Contact Parkey & Davis DDS for an appointment.

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