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If you are looking for quality general and cosmetic dental services with a family-friendly approach, then you've come to the right place. At Parkey & Davis, D.D.S, our goal is to serve you and your family and make your visit a pleasant one. Whether you need a basic cleaning or an extensive smile makeover, you can count on our doctors and our staff to take time to understand your needs and customize their services to fit you and your smile.

General Dentistry »

General Dentistry For the Whole Family

At Parkey & Davis, D.D.S, we strive to provide quality dentistry for smiles of all ages. We consider our general dentistry to be anything but generic. Every smile is unique, and your dental care should match your specific oral health needs. That’s why the skilled dental staff at Parkey & Davis take the time to get to know each patient, and his or her individual goals. We truly care about our patients' comfort and care. That’s why we use…

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Cosmetic Dentistry »

Transform Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

At Parkey & Davis, D.D.S, we want to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted. Don't go about your daily routine with a smile you love. We offer a variety of restorative and reconstructive dental procedures to return your teeth to their natural function and appearance. Our team is trained and experienced in the latest in cosmetic dental treatment technology. From enamel-colored fillings to porcelain veneers, you can change as little or…

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Teeth Cleaning & Oral Hygiene »

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Our dental hygienists work hard to provide you and your family a thorough cleaning to remove harmful plaque and tartar build up and maintain a healthy smile. During your check-up, we don't just clean your teeth. Our team thoroughly examines your mouth, jaw and face to screen for potential diseases such as gum disease, TMJ, grinding teeth and more. We also recommend techniques for at-home dental care to protect your smile.

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Invisalign »

Invisalign: Clear Way to Straighten Teeth

The clear way to straighten your teeth. Invisalign is a series of alignment trays that gradually shift your smile into place without the hassle of traditional braces!

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Dental Implants »

Quality Dental Implants

Dental implants restore your tooth from the root up. They provide stability for a permanent prosthetic while looking, feeling and functioning like your natural teeth. Implants allow for patients to smile with confidence, eat the foods they love and never worry about lost bone density or sagging facial features.

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Dental Crowns »

Quality Dental Crowns

Like resin fillings, this dental restoration option can be cut to blend perfectly with your natural smile. By using porcelain, dental crowns mimic the appearance of your teeth's enamel without a second glance.

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