Quality Dental Crowns

Like resin fillings, this dental restoration option can be cut to blend perfectly with your natural smile. By using porcelain, dental crowns mimic the appearance of your teeth's enamel without a second glance.

Smile with Confidence with Dental Crowns

Decay, cracks or injury can damage a tooth. In addition to preserving the damaged tooth, dental crowns (also known as caps) can strengthen teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. The crown fully encompasses the tooth in order to protect it and restore its functionality.

To begin, our team takes an impression of the tooth in question as-is. After administering a local anesthetic and surrounding area, Dr. Parkey or Dr. Davis will prep the tooth to receive the crown by shaping it to fit the new crown comfortably. We will outfit you with a temporary crown to wear while your permanent dental crown is manufactured in our lab.

When your crown is ready, we'll have you come back to check the fit of your new crown and then cement it into place. Our team can make minor adjustments in order to ensure your comfort when biting or chewing.

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